I love any kind of work related to design. I enjoyed the designing. Sometimes during designing I even forget personal matters.


One of my dreams in life is to get any awards from YouTube. I thought to myself that I'll never tire if I'm given the opportunity to stream the programs live.


I love to write about true stories. I want to share with followers about the encounter of life. At some point, I am dreaming of publishing some books.

Team Action

I want to take part as a member of associations that have the minded people. I am satisfied even if I have to work out with a teammate.


I would like to join as a leader in any non-profit organization that wants to succeed and grow. Because I want to use my skills and make it more successful.


I am crazy about entrepreneurship. I even want to build my own world that is different from others. I was very happy with my own inventions.

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A new certification: Google UX Design Certificate from Coursera!

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